parid0503 | Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:04:28
A node that is the endpoint of one or more arcs is said to be "situated." A node's "situation" is its service as one of the endpoints of all of the "connected paths" through the graph to all other nodes accessible via such paths. (Given node n[0], a "connected path" is a finite alternating sequence n[0], arc[1], n[1], arc[2], n[3]... n[n] such that each arc[i] in the sequence connects node[i-1] and node[i].)
The situation of a node is defined as its service as the endpoint of all the paths accessible from that node.
Note that all nodes are situated. The isolated node is situated, it
just does not have any paths to follow so all its situation is limited
to properties it bears itself. Path is defined in the glossary and
should not be repeated here.