parid0388 | Sat, 01 Mar 2003 16:30:41
Topic map creators must accept responsibility for the fully merged topic map graphs represented by the interchangeable topic maps that they create, even when their interchangeable topic maps incorporate topic maps that were created by others. When interchangeable topic maps incorporate other topic maps by reference, they must also contain (or incorporate by reference) subjects and assertions that cause the merging process to yield a satisfactory result in which no two nodes have the same subject, even when, in the absence of any special arrangements made by the creator of the topic map, no governing TM Application would cause the two nodes to merge. It is the responsibility of topic map creators to make such special arrangements, by adding assertions that will cause the nodes that must be merged to have SIDP values that will be recognized as requiring their merger. (See parid0463 7.4.)
Argumentative, does not express something we can constrain.