parid0222 | Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:49:00
All of the properties of nodes, their value types, and the requirements for assigning values to them are defined by TM Applications. Every property defined by a TM Application, and every node that exhibits values for any of the properties defined by that TM Application, is said to be "governed" by that TM Application. Every node must be governed by one or more TM Applications. Every property is governed by a single TM Application.
OK, I buy the properties, values, requirements, perhaps even
"governed" (although I think we need a better word), but why can every
node have more than one TM Application but every property only one? If I
apply my TM Application to a topic map you created with yours, changing
the way property values are handled, I may get gibberish but I don't
know how we can prevent that. For instance, I could just ignore this
section and allow my TM Application to process your topic map. Unless
there is someway to bind your topic map to a TM Application, which would
by syntax and application specific, don't see why we should try to
prevent this.