parid0034 | Fri, 31 Jan 2003 22:00:25
In a topic map graph, every subject is represented by a single node
In a topic map graph, every subject *should be* (as far as possible) represented by single node
There is *no way* to make sure that two distinct > topics (nodes) do not *represent in fact the same subject* because of the above remark. > Subjects that are considered implicitly distinct in a given topic map, on the basis that > they are represented by distinct topics with distinct SIDPs, might be considered identical > by another topic map on the basis of new discovered properties ... This is a frequent > process in progress of knowledge that subjects considered as distinct at some point are > discovered as being the same later on. Think about various historical apparitions of > Halley's comet before Halley's discovery that they were the same one returning ...
parid0034 | 29 Jan 2003 21:30:19
One difficulty in reading this proposal was the use of the terms
"subject" and "proxy". I'm not entirely clear on which of these
interpretations is correct:
subject                          proxy
----------------                 ---------------
subject (13250 sense)            node (RM), item (infoset), ...
node (RM), item (infoset), ...   XML element