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Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Tue Oct 18 08:09:06 EDT 2011


The Secretariat advises that an NP can be submitted only once.

To re-submit, we need to create a new NP with a different title.

Re-submission should be:

At an SC 34 Plenary (for balloting) (Next one is 2012-06-25/29 Brasilia, 
Brazil (WGs and Plenary))


Submitted by a NB (means we have solicit support for the NP apart from a 
plenary but we are
going to have to do that anyway.

Toshiko says we should include a draft of the proposed work item.

My suggestion would be to simply change the title to Semantic 
Description Syndication (SDShare) and have
it submitted by an NB for balloting, after we line up appropriate 
sponsorship. (Yes, I know, I just reversed the
order of the words. Simplest solution.)

I have requested confirmation on the correct form (it may have changed) 
and should have that completed by later day.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


PS: Two questions:

1) It may take a little bit longer but may I suggest that we go ahead 
and cast http://www.egovpt.org/fg/CWA_Part_1b into the proper format? We 
will have to do it anyway and doing it now just saves the effort down 
the road. Given our track record, I think that would be a good thing.

2) Any volunteers in terms of NBs who want to submit it without waiting 
for an SC 34 Plenary?

3) Ok, so I lied. Anyone willing to round up implementation of SDShare 
type information? Thinking it would not be too early to start planning 
for when it becomes an ISO standard. So we (WG 3) can have a press 
release, etc. With a list of implementers so you get some PR for your 

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