[sc34wg3] Constraint application

Robert Cerny robert at cerny-online.com
Thu May 27 04:00:38 EDT 2010


I need clarification regarding constraint application:

Let's say we have a name type NT for which there exists a scope  
constraint SC. Does SC apply to all instances of sub types of NT? As  
far as i understand the spec, i would say yes:

"For any name, occurrence, or association s of type st the set of  
topics in its scope which are instances of t is referred to as S. s  
violates c if the cardinality of S is lower than min or greater than  
max (provided max is not undefined)."

<http://www.isotopicmaps.org/tmcl/2010-03-25/#d0e498> says:
"A statement s (as defined in [TMDM]) is said to be an instance of  
the statement type st if the s's [type] property contains either st,  
a subtype of st, or if st is tmdm:subject."

Am i correct?

Thanks in advance,


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