[sc34wg3] Topic Map Conference(s) in 2011?

Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Wed Dec 29 13:41:53 EST 2010


I have been investigating the possibilities for virtual conferences on
topic maps.

Increasing travel prices, a worsening economy, security agents who can't
get dates acting as though they are on dates, the need for greater
visibility for topic map projects and products, all point towards more
frequent and virtual conferences.


I have looked at software options for webinars and to be honest, I am

Probably useful for training purposes but given the monthly cost and the
usual technical difficulties that presenters and the audience would,
doesn't seem worth it to me. 

And since it is "live," presenters can't correct mistakes, failures of
software, etc. 

Which brings me to the second option:

Podcast Conference:

Same call for papers, reviewers, acceptance/rejection, but the authors
would submit a video podcast and paper for release on the conference

Post the podcasts to a blog page which enables viewers to submit
comments (which may be longer and more coherent than the open mike kind)
and presenters can formulate meaningful responses. 

For use as a "conference," both options have the same hidden expense of
time and effort by organizers, reviewers, etc. What you "see" at a
physical conference is really the tail end of a lot of unseen effort. 

So in that sense, either of these options really save only the
presenters and attendees attendance cost. 

Thinking that there should be a limited number of slots and high
standards for acceptance. 

Comments, suggestions, volunteers? (all welcome but volunteers in

Hope everyone is looking forward to a Happy New Year!


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