[sc34wg3] CTM templates in TMCL

Patrick Durusau patrick at durusau.net
Sat Apr 3 17:01:07 EDT 2010


There are a number of CTM templates, 24 by my count since they are 
*unnumbered.* :-(

OK, let's number all the CTM templates.

And, surprisingly, let's say what they are for. With the exception of 
two (that is 2 to you ASCII digit fans) out of 24, what use I would make 
of the templates is entirely implied.

Sorry, that just isn't cricket.

If examples are to be given, I think having them for the CTM templates 
would be more useful than simply restating the constraint rules in CTM 
syntax, although I am not going to complain about that.

I don't think it would take the community that long to come up with some 
explanation for the templates and an example for each one.

Let's not put all the burden on the editor's. I am ready for us to put 
TMCL to bed. Depending on all of us to make that happen.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


PS: Does anyone have an automated way to check the templates? I suppose 
against CTM but also against TMCL?

Patrick Durusau
patrick at durusau.net
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