[sc34wg3] TMQL - Short vs. formal syntax

Inge Henriksen inge.henriksen at bouvet.no
Fri Sep 4 05:14:08 EDT 2009

Oh, and one more thing, I believe that a programming language should use a word when one special character is not enough to describe an operator or whatever, some examples from the Path expressions:

"<<" could be "LEFT", 
">>" "RIGHT"
, "<~~" "REIFIED LEFT"
, and "~~>" "REIFIED RIGHT"


It is good to keep in mind that humans are the ones that are supposed to be the programmers here, and for me personally (I'm a programmer) it's easier to remember and comprehend words rather than a combination of special characters. Single special character operators are fine though.

Kind regards,

> +1!
> > 
> Patrick
> >
> Inge Henriksen wrote:
> > Hi, I'm just an observer of the TMQL but I wanted to stress that I
> personally would like a formal syntax over a short one. Some on this
> list wanted to remove things like the 'select' statement, this would
> make the query language less formal in favor of a short syntax which is
> a bad thing in my opinion :)

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