[sc34wg3] CTM: Proposal for relaxing the restriction on start-character for topic-ID in CTM

Are Gulbrandsen a.d.gulbrandsen at usit.uio.no
Mon Oct 26 12:28:02 EDT 2009


We have a problem with the restrictions on name-start for Topic-IDs in  
CTM (and LTM that we use now).

We are currently using the DNS-name as the topic identifier of a  
service in our system, and have the need to be able to use any valid  
DNS-name without having to prefix all names to make valid identifiers  
in CTM.

This is for example a unix-server encoded as LTM:
[3d-prod01.uio.no : unix-server = "3d-prod01.uio.no"

3d-prod01.uio.no is a valid DNS-name, but is not a valid Topic ID in  
Ref: http://www.isotopicmaps.org/ctm/ctm.html#sec-topic-identity

- Are there any good reasons that a CTM-ID could not start with a  

Best Regards,
Are D. Gulbrandsen
The XML-group,
Center for Information Technology Services
University of Oslo

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