[sc34wg3] Some more inconsistencies in the tmcl schema

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Mon Oct 26 09:58:21 EDT 2009

* Michael Quaas
> I think I've found some more.
> 6. There is a unique-occurrence-constraint defined (line 212)  but  
> never
> used. Otherwise in the constrained-statement role-combination
> definitions is a unique-value-constraint used (lines 237+239) which is
> not defined. Guess the unique-occurrence-constraint should be  
> renamed in
> unique-value-constraint, as it is allowed to constrain occurrence- 
> types
> and name-types.


> 7. In the constrained-statement role-combination definitions is an
> other-role-constraint used (line 239) but not defined in the schema.

This one should be role-combination-constraint.

I fixed these two errors and just updated today's draft.

Again, thank you very much for reporting these errors!

--Lars M.

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