[sc34wg3] New TMCL draft

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Mon Oct 19 06:07:23 EDT 2009

The TMCL editors have published a new editor's draft of TMCL:

The TMCL issue tracker has also been updated:

The intention is to give the community a few weeks to review this  
draft and comment on it, and for it to be discussed at the WG3 meeting  
in Leipzig. Following that, the editors intend to send it out for FDIS  

In other words: TMCL is just about finished. If you have comments on  
it, you need to get them in *now*, or it will be too late to affect  
the standard.

If you have been wondering when to implement TMCL the answer is that  
the time has come. We need implementations of this draft in order to  
verify that there are no mistakes or errors in the draft.

--Lars M.

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