[sc34wg3] XTM 2.1, editors' draft

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Thu Nov 26 12:42:33 EST 2009

>> reifiable21 = (attribute reifier { xsd:anyURI } | reifier), itemIdentity*
>> Should be:
>> reifiable21 = (attribute reifier { xsd:anyURI } | reifier)?, itemIdentity*

> Ooops. Thank you for pointing that out! Now corrected here locally.

Just wondering: Since we have reifiable21 (for XTM 2.1) and reifiable2
(for XTM 2.0) wouldn't it be nice to drop the reifier-attribute in the
XTM 2.1 schema and to allow the reifier-element for XTM 2.1 only? XTM
2.1 parsers would still be required to interpret the reifier attribute
iff they read a XTM 2.0 topic map.

Or would that move too hard to communicate?

Best regards,

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