[sc34wg3] Supporting variants in TMCL

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 17:45:18 EST 2009

* Lars Marius Garshol
| * Steve Pepper
| >
| > Yes, constraints on variants expressed using TMQL can be used for
| > validation. But can a schema based on TMQL serve as the basis for a
| > forms-based editing interface like Ontopoly?
| Realistically: no.
| > Is it not the case that constraints expressed in TMCL are by
| > definition easier to introspect?
| It is.

Thanks for confirming this.

So here's what worries me most (in case it wasn't clear earlier): While it might
be possible to validate topic maps that use variants, implementers of TM editors
will simply not provide the interface for creating them unless there is direct
support for them in TMCL.


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