[sc34wg3] Slides for XTM 2.1 discussion

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 04:03:32 CST 2009

I would like to caution against creating a new version of XTM (#1493). As long
as changes are very minor and backwards compatible, it is better to issue a
Technical Corrigendum and keep the same version numbering.

[By "backward compatibility" I of course mean changes that do not render
existing *documents* invalid. Rendering existing applications non-conformant
should not be an issue, especially when the changes are minor and the number of
applications relatively small.]

Version numbering of specifications is not the same as version numbering of
software. In the case of software, there are strong arguments for numbering
every new build. In the case of specifications, there are strong arguments for
keeping the number of versions to a minimum, viz:

  1. avoid confusing the user community with multiple versions
  2. avoid the need for developers to support multiple versions

My suggestion is to approve whatever changes are deemed necessary and issue a TC
using the same version number (2.0). Thereafter work to encourage developers of
existing Topic Maps engines to update their software in order to remain

Regarding the other proposed changes, I cannot say that it has been demonstrated
to me that #1460, #1462 or #1459 are show-stoppers that actually prevent users
from achieving certain tasks. The worst that can be said about them is that they
make certain (rarely used?) tasks slightly less convenient.

#1496 is likewise a "nice to have" in the sense that it removes the necessity of
a workaround but does not actually enable anything that cannot already be done.
Since it requires changes to the data model as well as the syntax, a convincing
case should be put forward before any changes are approved.

In sum, none of these issues seems to justify the confusion caused by creating a
new version or issuing a TC.



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| I've prepared a set of slides for discussion of the XTM 2.1 proposal
| at the ISO meeting in Leipzig:
|   http://www.isotopicmaps.org/sam/xtm-2.1-issues.pdf
| If you are attending the meeting, *please* study these slides before
| arriving.
| Discussion of the issues before the meeting is of course welcome.
| So if you are not attending the meeting you may want to study these
| slides anyway, and make your opinions known, by posting them here, in
| the issue tracker, or by emailing the editors (Graham and yours truly).
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