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Date: Monday, March 30, 2009 6:54:02 PM
Subject: [sc34wg3] CTM: Specifying datatypes

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Hi Lars,

>> Yes, I think we should allow something like
>>     def mapping($t, $q)
>>         $t
>>         mapping: $q^^sql:query.
>>     end

> What happens if I then use the template as follows?

>    mapping(foo, "select ..."^^xsd:string).
>    mapping(foo, "select ..."^^bar:sql-query).
>    mapping(foo, 1).


Well, after I've written the enthusiastic "Yes, we should", I wondered
if this is a good idea. The problem is, that the TMDM provides only
limited support for literal values != xsd:anyURI and xsd:string. If
someone uses

    mapping(foo, "1.0000"^^xsd:decimal)


    mapping(foo, 1.0000)

the result should be (according to TMDM which forbids normalization of

   mapping: "1.0000"^^sql:query.

but a more sophisticated Topic Maps engine may produce:

   mapping: "1.0"^^sql:query.

since the value of "1.0000" can be translated to "1.0" (canonical form
of the xsd:decimal value).

So, we need a policy how to translate a value from one datatype to
another. The canonical representation would be an option but since it
is not mentioned in the TMDM, I wonder if this policy is doable.

Requiring that the string which was provided by the user is kept,
would be wrong imo.

I tend to join Graham's fan club and leave CTM as it is (regarding
this issue) just to avoid the ugliness of translating literals from
one datatype to another.

Best regards,

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