[sc34wg3] TMCL: Scope constraints

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Fri Mar 27 07:57:10 EDT 2009

* Lars Heuer
> IMO it would make more sense to constrain that the scope must contain
> theme XY and if the total number of themes should be constrained,
> another template should be used:
>       displayname
>           has-theme(language);
>           has-theme(iso-code);
>           has-scope(2, INF).

We discussed this in Prague, but came to the conclusion that since  
it's possible to do

   has-scope(tmdm:subject, 1, *) .

to constrain the overall cardinality this proposal doesn't actually  
add anything, and so we kept the current mechanism.

(What we did do, however, was to remove the distinction between  
nametype-scope, occurrencetype-scope, and associationtype-scope. So  
now the template really is called has-scope. :)

--Lars M.

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