[sc34wg3] TMCL Max int using extended XML Schema DataType

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Wed Mar 25 14:34:53 EDT 2009

Hi Graham,

> Union datatypes
> The ·value space· and ·lexical space· of a ·union· datatype are the
> union of the ·value space·s and ·lexical space·s of its ·memberTypes·.
> ·union· datatypes are always ·derived·. Currently, there are no
> ·built-in· ·union· datatypes.

Interesting, I wasn't aware of it and I am not sure if I understood it
completely. :) Anyway, isn't this solution more less equivalent to our
INF-solution: We have to check somewhere if the value is
'*'^^ctm:integer which would be the same as checking if the value is
'INF'^^xsd:double (which would be the only possible datatype !=
xsd:integer in TMCL-constraints)? The only difference would be that
all xsd:integers are valid ctm:integers, which is not possible with
the INF-solution.

Btw, TMQL uses '*' as wildcard, so we'd have a mismatch between the
datatypes TMQL recognizes natively and those datatypes which are
recognized by CTM natively. Something we wanted to avoid.

Best regards,

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