[sc34wg3] Problem with wildcards

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Thu Mar 5 06:38:18 EST 2009

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 06:03:21PM +0100, Lars Heuer wrote:
> > Or, are we crosstalking and the issue is that with _mergemap_ you do
> > not get access to the templates within? And you want that? And with
> > _include_ you get more (sideeffects) than you wanted?
> The solution is to drop the automatically generated item identifiers
> of the included file.

So - as an implementor - I have to remember which item identifiers are
autogenerated and which are not? Remember that fact in order to NOT
respect those item identifiers when merging?

> If we drop the automatically generated item identifiers our topics
> wouldn't merge. I don't want to change mergemap, just the policy for
> including files with wildcards (?, ?foo and [-"foo"]).

If someone would argue that this is closer to a hack rather than a
solution, I would be hardpressed to argue against it. But, admittedly,
the mechanism is gradually eluding my intellectual capabilities.


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