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--------------------------------------- Union datatypes
The =B7value space=B7 and =B7lexical space=B7 of a =B7union=B7 datatype are=
union of the =B7value space=B7s and =B7lexical space=B7s of its =B7memberTy=
=B7union=B7 datatypes are always =B7derived=B7. Currently, there are no
=B7built-in=B7 =B7union=B7 datatypes.

In Union datatypes

A prototypical example of a =B7union=B7 type is the maxOccurs attribute on
the element element in XML Schema itself: it is a union of
nonNegativeInteger and an enumeration with the single member, the
string "unbounded", as shown below.

 <attributeGroup name=3D"occurs">
   <attribute name=3D"minOccurs" type=3D"nonNegativeInteger"
       use=3D"optional" default=3D"1"/>
   <attribute name=3D"maxOccurs"use=3D"optional" default=3D"1">
           <restriction base=3D'nonNegativeInteger'/>
           <restriction base=3D'string'>
             <enumeration value=3D'unbounded'/>

Any number (greater than 1) of =B7atomic=B7 or =B7list=B7 =B7datatype=B7s c=
participate in a =B7union=B7 type.

I think we could just replace 'unbounded' with '*'



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