[sc34wg3] Embedded topics as association type?

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Mon Feb 23 08:53:24 EST 2009

Hi other Lars,

> In the current CTM draft the types of occurrences, names, topics, and
> association roles can be given as embedded topics, but not the types  
> of associations. Why is that?

Because two very clever, smart, overly intelligent and good looking
guys, Lars Marius Garshol and Lars Heuer, do not like embedded topics
as association types. :)

Seriously: As we introduced embedded topics we agreed that we do not
want them at the top level in a CTM document. But if we allow embedded
topics as association types, we'd have embedded topics at the top
level of a CTM file. We both talked about it and we agreed that we
shouldn't allow embedded topics as association types because users
might create association types without an explicit identity:

      [- "member of"](member: john, group: The-Beatles)

Best regards,

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