[sc34wg3] CTM: Semicolons

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Feb 6 08:52:50 EST 2009

Hi Lars,

>> [Alternative syntax for the mergemap-directive]
>> Yes, would work [...]

> Yeah, but do we want to do it?

> I think the time has come to make some decisions. :-)

I'd prefer to leave the mergemap directive as it is (notation
optional) and either to keep the semicolons for the directives or to
replace the semicolon with the dot (my first preference), especially
if the dot-proposal from Dmitry is preferred.

Making the notation normative would also work for me while I find the
'%mergemap' '(' source-iri notation-iri? ')' proposal aesthetically not
sooo nice.

Maybe someone else (!= a person named 'Lars' ;) ) has an opinion here?

Best regards,

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