[sc34wg3] CTM: Semicolons

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Wed Feb 4 05:37:26 EST 2009

* Dmitry
> So it should look like this
> music:WhiteAlbum
>      - "White Album;
>      descr: " The White ......".
> music:The-Beatles
>      - "The Beatles".
> music:WhiteAlbum isa music:Album.
> created(creator:  music:The-Betales,  work: music:WhiteAlbum).
> is-beatle(john).

Hmmmmmm. That actually looks quite nice. Hmmmm.

What do other people think?

> If we continue analogy with Prolog then our special agreement on
> 'isa' and 'ako' looks quite... special
> Why not to allow for templates which define binary associations follow
> 'isa' and 'ako' route?

Maybe we could do that, but personally I think that analogies with  
Prolog are not that important, because hardly anyone knows Prolog  

The most important thing to me, though, is that we need to finish this  
thing, and finish it soon. The fewer old decisions we revisit, the  
better. There's a number of things I dislike about isa/ako, but  
personally I don't feel it's worth it to revisit them.

--Lars M.

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