[sc34wg3] Fwd: Re: TMQL: Navigation "traverse"

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Nov 7 04:08:47 EST 2008

Hi Robert,

>> [Removal of player topic once in the "traverse" axis]
>> > But this is certainly something one should think about one time more.
>> What was the initial reason to add this rule? For binary associations,
>> that only the other players are in the result? If this was the reason,
>> it wouldn't work well if the player is involved in more than one
>> association of the same type.
> No, it *would* work, as the 'once' is to be interpreted (phrasing
> not perfect) _per traversed association.

Aha! :) That would make sense! :)

Best regards,

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