[sc34wg3] CTM: Mergemap directive and semicolons

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Tue Nov 4 08:24:09 EST 2008

* Jaeho Lee
> Technically speaking, I don't think the "unofficial" Leipzig meeting  
> can
> "decide" on issues.

Technically, that's true. In practice, decisions must be made  
*somewhere*, and that was the only feasible alternative we had.

The slides with the decisions from the meeting should be posted any  
day now. Once they are, you can try to contest any decisions made  
there on this list. I don't think you will find much to disagree with,  

If you want, I can send you a link once they are posted.

> As a host of the "official" Jeju meeting, this reminds me of the  
> bitterness I had in Jeju :)

Not sure I understand what you mean by that. You mean because so few  
people from WG3 came? I thought it was clear long in advance that  
there weren't going to be many participants...

--Lars M.

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