[sc34wg3] CTM: Semicolons

Jaeho Lee jaeho at uos.ac.kr
Tue Nov 4 03:16:09 EST 2008

I strongly support the idea of putting semicolons at the end of every
"statement" (define if needed).

> Hi all,
> This spring in Oslo we introduced semicolons to delimit statements
> within topic blocks [1] (for no technical reason but to enhance
> readability for non-SVO languages).

I think there were other technical reasons mentioned in Oslo more than just
readability for non-SVO languages.
One of them is easiness for the parser, and more importantly easiness for
the generator of CTM statements.
My many application programs will generate CTM statements routinely, and
handling optional component is always headache.
Furthermore readability and ugliness are so subjective issues. I see the
beauty of consistent when there are always semicolons at the end of every

> Associations and template invocations *outside* of topic blocks require
> no semicolons.
> At TMRA'08 some suggested to introduce semicolons everywhere to make
> CTM more consistent.
> What do you think? Semicolons everywhere (for associations, within
> templates and for template invocations outside of topic blocks)?
> [1] <http://www.isotopicmaps.org/ctm/ctm.html#sec-topic-tail>
>     Note: The grammar is wrong (brackets are missing), should be:
>     topic-tail ::= (identity
>                     | assignment
>                     | topic-template-invocation
>                     | instance-of
>                     | kind-of
>                     ) ';'
> Best regards,
> Lars
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