[sc34wg3] TMCL: 4.4.19 OtherRoleConstraint

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Fri Feb 15 08:25:33 EST 2008

4.4.19 OtherRoleConstraint

typos: two dots, several times.

.... the other must [be a] city

the writing of located_in is inconsistent in the example

Comment above the template does so not fit to the template


Text in 2, 3, 4, 5,  a bit thin.


Are the cardinalities REALLY necessary? Cannot they be captured by
another constraint?


In the example continent and region are never used. In fact the example
description does not have much in common with the example itself.

My best guess (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_inkblot_test) of
what this means is

   every $a  in // $$associationType,
         $r1 in $a -> $$roleType [ ^ $$topicType ]
      at least $$cardmin $r2 in $a -> $$otherRoleType
            $r2 isa $$otherTopicType
    & at most  $$cardmax $r2 in $a -> $$otherRoleType
            $r2 isa $$otherTopicType

But that could be completely off, too.


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