[sc34wg3] TMCL: 4.4.8 Subject Identifier Constraint

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Thu Feb 14 23:08:24 EST 2008

Ad 4.4.8 in


First, the example uses


but that seems to be the tmcl: type. The template's type is


Then, you are using ?sic1 as identifier for this constraint invocation,
but according to CTM this is _global_, i.e. there could only be one!


  "If the named-wildcard is used again, the same topic is reused."


Then, '*' is actually not a regular expression, is it?  That is
globbing.  '.*' would be regexp.


Then, for this Subject Identifier Constraint (4.4.8), is it actually
possible to omit parts of it? Say,

  SubjectIdentifierConstraint (Person, 3, , '.*')

to omit the upper bound. Or to omit the regexp?


If not, then the TMQL expression could look like this

every $t in // $$topictype
     at least $$cardmin $si in $t ~
        satisfies $si =~ $$regexp
   & at least $$cardmax $si in $t ~
        satisfies $si =~ $$regexp

I am using $$ to prefix the Meta-variables. They become constants in
the TMQL query after inserting.


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