[sc34wg3] TMCL: 4.4.2 Association Type Constraint

Robert Barta rho at devc.at
Thu Feb 14 03:55:07 EST 2008

Relative to


4.4.2 uses 'topictype' in the text although it is about Assocs.

I would propose a different writing, say, topicType or topic-type. Makes
much better reading/typing, IMHO.

The CTM template is using ?atc1 and *atc1. What about using ?this
consistently for ALL! templates.

What I do not understand is the invocation of


because in 4.2.4 it is called ConstraintIsPartOfSchema.

What is confusing too, is that in there is a

  part-of (?schema : ......)

which tells me that for each invocation the same schema object will be
referred to (is this what ?schema means?). The problem I see here is
actually a CTM one: how to keep such named-wildcards local to a

 myShinyTemplate ..... :-

    ?new-topic ... .

    is-funny (entertainer: ?new-topic) .


Because that is need too!

And: where is 'part-of' and any other ontological expectations


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