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Wed Feb 6 11:30:21 EST 2008

Hi All,

This may be the beginning of a new thread.  If so, I apologize.  Due to 
technical difficulties, I have been unable to post here for the last year.  
Now that I can post, I will have to learn a bit about the posting protocol 
as I go.

I think this thread is about the use of curlies and semis in templates.  I 
think that Lars is saying that non-SVO languages can be handled with the 
machinery already in place.  I am not a non-SVO speaker, so I cannot speak 
to that issue one way or the other.  But, there was another issue raised 
about template syntax in Kyoto that I had an interest in.  I felt that this 
issue was solved by the adoption of curlies and semis.

My issue was that I was told that in some cases the only way to end a 
template was with a double line-feed.  I said that counting on line-feeds as 
terminators was bad practice from a quality management perspective.  So, 
when curlies were proposed, I felt that curlies solved that issue.  If 
curlies have been cancelled, then I want to make sure that we have solved 
this issue that I raised about using line-feeds as terminators.

The more recent discussion about non-SVO languages has me suspicious that we 
are relying on line feeds as separators as well.  I can't tell for sure from 
the discussion.  But, if we are, this is an equally bad practice from a 
quality management point of view.

So, if those who oppose curlies and semis could address these issues in a 
post, I would be most grateful.



On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 14:48:10 +0100, Lars Heuer wrote
> Hi Robert,
> [...]
> > Right. I still do not understand how this move should have improved
> > the readability for non-SVO languages. With a
> >    homepage: http://whatever.com
> > syntax we could achieve the same and with templates ...
> [...]
> > ... as the original draft had them already, non-SVOness could be
> > encoded as well.
> Couldn't agree more. And unless a non-SVO speaker/writer objects, I'd
> consider the current draft as non-SVO-friendly and I think Kyoto
> created holes just to have a reason to fix them. Sorry.
> Reminds me on a old game "Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love 
> (In Several Wrong Places)" => "CTM goes looking for problems (in several
> wrong places)" ;)
> Best regards,
> Lars
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> http://www.semagia.com
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