[sc34wg3] New syntax for (binary) associations

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Wed Feb 6 08:05:09 EST 2008

Hi Robert,

> What I still find nice about the templates (although they come with
> other problems), is that they are _NOT_ restricted just to the
> use-case you have outlined above. They can take care of

>   - default values
>   - creating more than just assocs, but also whole fragments

For the record: The latter (fragments) is already possible. Default
values not, though.

You can say:

    def is-a-task($task, $priority, $descr)
        $task isa onto:task
        onto:priority: $priority
        onto:descr: $descr .

    finishing-ctm is-a-task(0.0001, "Not in the near future") .

Best regards,

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