[sc34wg3] ISO meeting October 2007

Graham Moore gra at networkedplanet.com
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How about, we go drinking then make all the decisions? If there is beer
involved think I'll stay until Monday!

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* Graham Moore
> If it turns out that other people are also unable to attend on the
> Monday (perhaps for the same reason), we might want to consider  
> compressing the three days into two.
> If no one will be there Monday then it would be good to know for those
> of us yet to book travel.

I'm going to be there on the Monday, regardless of whether there is a  
meeting or not, since my travel is already booked.

If nobody else is there we can choose between

  (1) I make all the decisions and just write them down, or
  (2) I spend the day drinking beer.

Up to the committee, really.

--Lars M.

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