[sc34wg3] ISO meeting October 2007

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 15:23:50 EDT 2007

* Gabriel
| first of all, does anyone knows about the iso meeting in Leipzig? I may
| have missed it but I haven't seen a thing about it.

* Lars
| See <http://www.jtc1sc34.org/repository/0903.htm>

This document will shortly be updated by Patrick with details of the

I was under the impression after the Montreal meeting that we were talking
about a two-day meeting, and I have to admit that I did not double-check the
dates in the meeting notice. So I will only be able to attend the first two

Since Patrick will not be attending, I have agreed to convene the meeting on
his behalf (a case of the convenor acting on behalf of the acting convenor
:-), but someone else will have to take charge on the Monday. I'll be sorry
to miss the TMCL discussion.

If it turns out that other people are also unable to attend on the Monday
(perhaps for the same reason), we might want to consider compressing the
three days into two.


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