[sc34wg3] Re: CTM: media-type text/ctm and magic numbers

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Sun Nov 11 10:41:00 EST 2007

Hi Xuân,

> I'd like to propose "%ctm_version" as magic string. Thus, I'd like to
> change production
>     [31]        /version/       ?       '%version' /decimal
> to production
>     [31]        /version/       ?       '%ctm_version' /decimal

IMO "%version" is nice, short and clear. If someone want to change it,
I'd propose to change it to "%ctm" and not to "%ctm_version".

We can change it to

   %Topic_Maps_-_Compact_Syntax_Version '1.0'

(please be aware that it is CTM is case-sensitive ;))

Best regards,

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