[sc34wg3] CTM - Keywords reserved or not?

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Nov 2 09:42:31 EDT 2007

> In CTM we've only four built-ins:
> - def
> - end
> - isa
> - ako

> IMO it is possible to keep them not reserved, although I have to check
> this issue more carefully.

>     def isa end

>     isa isa ako

I investigated this issue a bit further and came to the conclusion,
that we should disallow

     def isa end

If something starts with "def" the parser should assume that this
starts a template definition. Although I think it is possible to allow
"def isa end", it puts some burden on the implementations and may slow
the parsing process down.

"end isa def" is possible, though.

If I understood the proposed solution for
right, the TMQL editors go down the same road: If something starts
with "select", a select query is assumed etc.

My proposal is that we do not reserve "def", "end", "isa" and "ako",
but if something starts with "def" a template definition is assumed.

CTM would then steal just one possible item identifier "def" which
cannot be used to start a topic block.

Is that acceptable?

Other ideas?

Best regards,

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