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Murray Altheim murray06 at altheim.com
Thu Jun 21 00:22:17 EDT 2007

[While this may be of peripheral interest to those on the ISO list,
it is posted here for those not on the topicmapmail mailing list.
Reposting with apologies using the correct message subject, duh.]

I'm just starting to post various components of the Ceryle application
prior to release of the application itself. This includes the recent
publication of two dozen Topic Maps from the Ceryle Ontology:

   Ceryle Ontology (on Ceryle Wiki)

   Ceryle Ontology home page

This includes the Ceryle Base Ontology, plus various domain ontologies
for events, places, z39.19 Thesaurii, XML Schema Datatypes, Conceptual
Graphs, Dublin Core metadata, and measurement units, among others.

There are links on each page to the respective LTM files. The latter
web page is currently just a copy of the wiki page but will eventually
become the PSI documentation for all Topics within the ontology.

Please direct any questions or comments related to the Ceryle
Ontology off list. You are all also welcome to join any of the Ceryle
Mailing Lists:

    Ceryle Mailing Lists

Please note that the Ceryle Ontology documents are provided in Linear
Topic Map (LTM) notation, specifically, a Ceryle-specific variant
syntax called Extended LTM 1.2 (for lack of a better name), which
varies in only one respect from LTM 1.2: where you can use the colon
":" character to indicate a class-instance (or IsA) Association, in
Extended LTM 1.2 you can use a semicolon ";" to indicate a superclass-
subclass (or KindOf) Association, e.g.,

   [Book ; Document]

would be a shorthand for

   KindOf( [Book] : Subclass , [Document] : Superclass )

For those who wish to use these Extended LTM 1.2 files in systems
not capable of dealing with the variant syntax, if there's anyone
willing to write an XSLT script to transform this syntax into LTM
1.3 that would be much appreciated. I would post the XSLT file on
the Ceryle Wiki (with appropriate credit, of course).

I'm also soliciting volunteers who wish to become part of the
Ceryle development team, now that the project is moving into its
next phase. There are various aspects of the project that would
be great to see work done on that I simply don't have the time
for right now. See:


Please contact me offline if you're interested.

More information about the Ceryle project is available from:

    Ceryle Wiki



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