[sc34wg3] CTM: Changed semantics of %include directive

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Wed Aug 8 10:42:04 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I need some help from people who have attend the Montréal meeting,
since I didn't and got only the decisions but not the background
discussions. Any help would be appreciated since I have the honour to
produce a new draft rapidly. ;)

The slides say, that the %include directive includes the other
document with all prefixes and templates.

I wonder if this has any impact to the current include mechanism.
Currently we create a TMDM instance from the included document and
modify the item identifiers (like LTM does). The prefixes and
templates are 'invisible' because the document which includes the
other CTM instance sees the TMDM instance, only.

Does "include everything incl. templates and prefixes" mean, that the
include directive puts the content of the included document into the
current CTM stream? Or do we modify the identifiers as described

Issues / Questions:

- In conjunction with the default prefix: What does it mean, if doc A
  declares the default prefix "http://example.org/X/" and document B
  declares the default prefix "http://example.org/Y/" and doc B is
  included into A?

- What happens if doc A binds a prefix "X" to
  "http://www.example.org/X/" and doc B binds a prefix "X" to
  "http://www.example.org/Y/" and B is included into A?

Thanks & regards,

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