[sc34wg3] Introducing Inge Henriksen

Steve Pepper pepper at ontopia.net
Thu Oct 12 10:17:08 EDT 2006

I would like to introduce Inge Henriksen to the members of WG3. He is a
software developer with the Oslo-based IT company Bouvet and has recently
been working on a Topic Maps project for the Norwegian Directorate for
Education and Training. He has become interested in GTM (Graphical Topic
Maps Notation) and would like to get involved in the project. At short
notice he has decided to attend the meeting in Leipzig as an observer and
will be posting a GTM-related document he has written to the mailing list


Members of WG3 attending the Leipzig meeting, please look out for Inge when
he arrives on Saturday morning, please ensure that GTM is put on the agenda
on either Saturday or Sunday, and please try to find the time to read Inge's
document before the meeting.


Best regards,



Steve Pepper

Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3



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