[sc34wg3] Removing added scope from <mergeMap>

Kal Ahmed sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Mon, 16 Jan 2006 13:58:25 -0000

Which goes back to my point that while mergeMap does not fix everything, =
does address a subset of the issue - not only that, but it does so in a =
that is both implemented and in use in production systems right now.=20

This is getting circular - I think we have shown the points on both side =
the debate, so to summarise:

Added themes on a mergeMap declaration has the advantages of allowing =
you to
identify the provenance of individual topic characteristic assignments. =
major weakness is in subject identity assignment (and resulting merge
behaviour). Source locators provide some of the functionality of an
addedThemes directive but are restricted in that (a) they only identify =
topic map source and cannot be used to identify (for example) the source
organization and (b) they would only be generated on topic =
assignments that have an ID in the merged topic map - so you are reliant =
the source providing those IDs. Furthermore, two users (Murray and Jim) =
both said that they use added themes on a mergeMap.


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> > You can if you have added themes on the merged topic map.
> Umm. My point was that if  having processed the XTM document with a
> <mergeMap> caused any of the topics in the "mother" topic map to
> merge, then there would be *no* way to unmerge them. You could of
> course get rid of the topic characteristics (except the subject
> identifiers and subject locators) that came from the topic map that
> was merged-in, but you cannot repair any of the damage that happened
> to the topics in the "mother" topicmap.
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