[sc34wg3] Agenda for Montreal meeting

Steve Pepper pepper at ontopia.net
Thu Aug 10 13:30:51 EDT 2006

Thanks to Lars for posting his ideas about CTM templates and his views on
where they should be allowed. We'd like more comments before tomorrow's
meeting, especially on the issues listed in the document at


Here are some practical details relating to the Montreal meeting of WG3:


Because the Extreme Markup conference does not close until 12:30, the
Working Group as a whole will convene at 14:00 (2pm) in the meeting room
Paradiso on the 6th floor of the Hotel Europa.


The TMCL editors will be having an editors' meeting during the morning. They
will convene at 9:30 in Paradiso. Any members of WG3 wanting to join them
are welcome as observers.


My records show the following people will be attending. If your name is not
on this list, please let me know (and forgive the oversight).


Canada: Dmitry Bogachev, Derek Millar

ISUG: Steve Newcomb

Korea: Sam Oh, Jaeho Lee

Norway: Steve Pepper

UK: Graham Moore

US: Patrick Durusau, Jim Mason


Non-members of WG3 are also welcome as observers. Please let me know if you
plan to attend.


See you tomorrow!



Steve Pepper, Ontopian


Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3

Coordinator, W3C RDF/TM Task Force


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