[sc34wg3] Proposal about topicmaps.org

Michel Biezunski sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
16 Nov 2005 09:57:27 -0500

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As Steve Pepper suggested, I am enclosing a text to
be registered, as it will be referenced by the report
of WG3.

Thank you,

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Proposal to transfer the ownership of the domain name topicmaps.org
to SC34 (or its representative) 

November 16, 2005

by Michel Biezunski

1) Topicmaps.org ownership would be transferred to SC34, through the
   Canadian Standards Organization on topicmaps.org, and will be
   controlled by SC34 with the exception of a section devoted to the
   history of topicmaps.org. This section would be placed under the
   management of Michel Biezunski with full authority over the
   content. There will be a disclaimer saying that SC34 is not
   responsible for the content of that section. SC34 understands that
   the section of the web site is done as a service provided to the
   TopicMaps community, and that SC34 acknowledges that it won't be
   able to influence the content of that section. There should be no
   time limit to this agreement.

   Michel Biezunski intends to have an archivist be in charge of
   that section of the web site. The plan is to publish a
   comprehensive history with a record of the various versions of the
   documents that were created by topicmaps.org. It will be used and
   presented as archival material and will be done in a very rigorous
   and professional manner.

2) A notice will be published on topicmaps.org saying that this domain
   name was donated by Michel Biezunski, who was the initiator and
   co-founder of the activity once called "topicmaps.org", as well as
   a co-editor of the XTM specification from the beginning until
   January 2001. This notice will be permanent and will be put on the
   home page (http://www.topicmaps.org)

   The historical part of the web site will be at the URL:

   The historical section will be addressable from the home page.

3) A formal request from SC34 should be addressed to Michel Biezunski
   in the form of an email that should be sent with a copy to the
   mailing list. Any correspondence on that matter should be done 
   in the open, i.e., all emails should systematically be copied 
   to the mailing list. The letter should document the reasons why 
   it is important for SC34 to use topicmaps.org.