[sc34wg3] Re: WG3 Atlanta recommendations (draft)

Michel Biezunski sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 09:52:20 -0500


On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 08:26, Steve Pepper wrote:
> Hi Michel,
> Thanks for your comments. I am happy with all of them, except
> for one minor point:
> | <P>WG3 requests that SC34 acknowleges the proposal by Michel
> | Biezunski to donate the domain topicmaps.org to SC34 on behalf of WG3 
> | under certain conditions and moves forward towards an agreement
> | taking into account the conditions expressed by Michel Biezunski
> | during the meeting and expressed below.</P>
> I'm OK with this paragraph, but do you really want the whole text of
> your proposal in the recommendations. The alternative is to register
> it as a separate document and reference it from the recommendations.
> Are you OK with that? 


> If so, please forward such a document to Ken and
> ask him to give it a number, and, at the same time, let me know that
> you have done so, so that I can modify the recommendations accordingly.

I'll do.

> While doing this, you should implement the change suggested by Murray
> (not to mention his name explicitly), if you agree with it.

Yes, I will.


> | <P>Assuming that the transfer of topicmaps.org to SC34 can be
> | accomplished before December 20th 2005, WG3 will use this domain for all
> | namespaces and PSI sets that it publishes in connection with ISO 13250
> | and other Topic Maps standards. Failing that, the domain topicmaps.com
> | will be used for this purpose.</P>
> | 
> | ...
> | 
> | Moreover, I was not aware about the December deadline, which was
> | not discussed during the portion of the meeting I attended. I would like
> | to understand what is the signification of this date, why SC34 considers
> | that if the transfer is not effective at that date, the PSIs have to
> | be put to topicmaps.com. Not that I have any interest of delaying the
> | transfer, but I want to make sure that we have a full agreement in
> | place with all the details solved. And it was my understanding
> | that the reason why SC34 wanted to control topicmaps.org was mainly
> | because of the PSIs.
> | 
> | If the date has to do with a deadline for the submission of the 
> | next iteration of a specific document, we could decide in advance
> | that changing the name of the PSIs URLs amount to a typographical 
> | correction, with no impact on the content of the standard, which 
> | would give us the time to properly negotiate until a final agreement 
> | is reached, if necessary.
> OK. That works for me. I will delete the paragraph. The reason it was
> put in was, as you guessed, because the committee decided it wanted to
> deliver the final FDIS ballot text to Ken before his period of absence
> in January and February, which means before Christmas. But you are
> right: we can regard a change from .org to .com as a typographic
> detail and implement it after the FDIS ballot has closed. That gives
> us an extra two months. The FDIS ballot text can be delivered to Ken
> by December 20th with the .org PSIs and namespace, whether or not an
> agreement has been concluded about topicmaps.org.
> | Here is the draft proposal including the conditions under
> | which I am proposing to transfer the ownership of topicmaps.org.
> As mentioned above, I would prefer to have this in a separate
> document which is referenced from the recommendations. Is that OK
> with you?
> Best regards - and thanks again for making this proposal.
> Steve
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