[sc34wg3] Subject Locators

Bernard Vatant sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 19:36:32 +0200

> I guess Jan meant to write *you can never ever address a resource,
> > only a representation*

> No, no typo. With HTTP/URI you can never ever address a
> representation, only a resource.

> > ... otherwise I'm lost.

So I'm lost. I guess we have not the same understanding of either "address", or
"representation" or "resource" (or all of those words) in this context :((

> Have you read Fielding's dissertation? It is quite clear.

Only excerpts - I guess I should read it throughout - not tonight ...
I read in section 6.2.1. quoted by Patrick

"REST accomplishes this by defining a resource to be the semantics of what the author
intends to identify, rather than the value corresponding to those semantics at the time
the reference is created. It is then left to the author to ensure that the identifier
chosen for a reference does indeed identify the intended semantics."

*the value corresponding to those semantics* is a "representation", Y/N? and it is what
you "address", Y/N? So it's not the  resource itself, Y/N? Where is the flaw in my

But, beyond that, I guess you agree with the rest of my post? (which is the most