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Not that everyone doesn't already have enough to do:

But a set of test cases wherein it would be seen to be done would be proof,
because then performance metrics and scalability could be assessed.

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Does seeing it done count at proof of doable?

If so, see www.versavant.com.


Jan Algermissen wrote:

> Patrick,
> On Jul 26, 2005, at 4:22 PM, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>> hhh = { < name = "rabbit, coney" >, < webresource =  
>> "www.rabbitnetwork.net, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit" >, <  
>> classification = "Oryctotagus cuniculus" > }
>> Of course I am presuming that the disclosure for "name" allows the  
>> creation of a list of names and provides that if any of the "names"  
>> in the list match, further viewing with other subject proxies that  
>> have either "rabbit" or "coney" for the name property will occur.
> Having spend about a year on implementing what happens when proxies  
> merge and how the merged values demand further merges etc. and having  
> especially tried to trim the algorithm for this stuff down to O(logN)  
> I must say that the datatype magic you describe (here converting  
> scalar to set as needed) is unlikely to be doable. The consequence  
> IMHO is that most value types should come as sets in the first place  
> (e.g. 'names' as opposed to 'name' in the example.
> All this becomes really, really nasty when it comes to proxies being  
> (parts of) values...
> This is not to say that the RM is not brilliant....I just think there  
> is serious stuff in there that would need to be made explicit and  
> proven as doable. (There might well be problems lurking in there that  
> are not computable at all in finite time, dunno)
> Jan
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