[sc34wg3] Topic Maps-related stuff at Extreme Markup Languages 2005

Steven R. Newcomb sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
01 Jul 2005 10:29:48 -0400

There's lots of great stuff this year at Extreme Markup Languages, but
readers of this list may be *especially* interested in the following
Topic Maps-related presentations and activities at Extreme
(www.extrememarkup.com, 1-5 August, Montr=E9al) this year:

- "Building topic maps in OWL-DL", by Anne Cregan of National
   Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) Centre
   of Excellence.  See the full description of her talk at:

- "The Q Model: Using quads to unify RDF and Topic Maps", by Lars
   Marius Garshol of Ontopia.  Full description at:

- "A matter of perspectives: Talking about talking about topic maps",
   by Michel Biezunski, Infoloom

- "Multiple Subject Map Disclosures for Relationships and TMDM
   Information Items", by Steven R. Newcomb of Coolheads Consulting
   and Patrick Durusau, Independent Consultant.
- "TMIP, a RESTful Topic Maps Interaction Protocol", by Robert Barta,
    Bond University.

- "Constraining topic maps: A TMCL declarative implementation", by
   Jos=E9 Carlos Ramalho, Giovani Librelotto, and Pedro Rangel
   Henriques, all of the University of Minho.

- In addition, there will be at least one Topic Maps-related evening
   session (aka a "Nocturne").  (I know this only because I'm planning
   to lead it myself.)  It will be for those interested in getting an
   introduction to the Versavant multi-TMA subject proxy engine
The above items are all directly related to Topic Maps.  The below
items are not specifically about Topic Maps, but I think will
nonetheless be of special interest to much of the Topic Maps

- "Processing references to documents you don't have access to:
   Constructing identifiers with Relax NG and XSLT", by Matthijs
   Breebaart of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

- "Semantics of well-formed XML as a human and machine readable language", =
   Ann Wrightson of CSW Group.

- "Network-Oriented Document Abstraction Language: Structure and
   reference for the rest of the Web", by Lee Iverson of the
   University of British Columbia.

- "Extreme Feedback: The Future of XML", a discussion led by Liam Quin
   of the World Wide Web Consortium.  A chance to suggest areas in
   which the W3C should be operating.

But there's much, much more on the program.  Check it out at

-- Steve

Steven R. Newcomb, Co-chair, Extreme Markup Languages Conference Series