[sc34wg3] XTM 1.1 issues

Martin Bryan sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 20:04:38 -0000

Murray wrote

> The question is not namespaces or version numbers, but one of
> semantics. If the fundamental vocabulary of a language has
> changed, it's no longer the same language, and therefore does
> not have the same name. They started calling it "English" at
> some point -- "XTM" is no longer appropriate to a markup language
> based on the TMDM given the TMDM doesn't use the same vocabulary
> as XTM, i.e., ISO 13250:2000. It's something new, and needs a
> new name.

XTMDM would show its origins and show it was an extension to the original


> Perhaps you have a limited view of interchange. I think of being
> able to interchange either an entire vocabulary, or, when we talk
> about modularization, a subset of a vocabulary. When looking at
> large, monolithic vocabularies (such as the Cyc ontology), very
> few people would want to exchange the entire map; they want to be
> able to pick and choose amongst components, and <mergeMap> provides
> precisely the functionality necessary.

Coming at things from the other direction, I'm struggling with subsetting
ontologies that are ridiculously large (millions of RDF triples). If the
ontology had been properly designed in a modular format things would have
been infinitely easier. Long live modularization features.

Martin Bryan