[sc34wg3] XTM 1.1 issues

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 20:50:07 +0100

* Lars Heuer
> Only some short comments... :)

Short is good. :-)

> Item identifiers do not add value to the other items.
> In fact item identifiers do no really add a value to topics, but it
> may be difficult to loose item identifiers in the TMDM for topics.

The benefit is that you can have identifiers that have no semantics  
attached to them. Anyway, more on this in a later email.

> +1
> For loosing the <mergeMap> element.
> This is nothing that should be into an interchange syntax.

It seems a bit difficult politically at the moment. Both editors  
sympathise very much with your point of view, but, well, it seems bad  
to remove a feature people are actually using. We definitely don't  
want people to go on using XTM 1.0 instead because it has features  
1.1 doesn't. If this is to be successful 1.0 should disappear  
completely, the way HyTM so obligingly did.

> I don't think that XTM should enforce <association>s behind <topic>s.
> If an author wants assocs behind topics she can do it and ask her TM
> processor to put them behind the topics (if the TM proc. supports
> it).

We agree with you.

> Sorry for not commenting on the topics, maybe I come back later on
> that (if it's not too late). :)

Thanks for what you sent. This was helpful. We'll be back with  
another draft soon.

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