[sc34wg3] Re: Status of TMQL, TMCL and Conceptual Model

G. Ken Holman - ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Secretary sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:45:36 -0500

Thank you for bringing the error in 485 to my attention.

At 2004-03-04 11:25 +0100, Steve Pepper wrote:
>* Naito-san wrote:
>| We are confusing about N485 and JTC1 N7367.
>| May I ask questions about that?
>Of course. Thank you for bringing this to our

Indeed ... it is always important to ask questions about the committee 
documents, and I encourage everyone on the committee, in every week's 
secretariat report, to ask questions and report any problems.

>| 1. Concerning "18049 - TM Conceptual Model"
>| It is described as "restored" in N485?meanwhile it is discribed as "JTC
>| 1/SC 34 requests approval for the withdrawal ...." in N7367.
>| What is "restored" mean?
>| Are "restored" and "withdrawal" the same meaning?
>No. Not at all. They are almost opposites!
>18049 should be CANCELLED.

As it is.

>| 2. Concerning "18048 - TM Query Language"
>| It is described as "cancelled" in N485.
>| I think it is problem and we have to recover it.
>| What kind of procedure can we take to recover it?
>18048 should be RESTORED.

As it is.

>Ken: Have you just mixed up these two in your database,

It is not mixed up in the database ... if you check the secretariat report 
you'll see that the status of these two projects is as it is expected to be.

>or do we have a real problem here?

The problem is with my hand-typing of the meeting agenda and I mixed the 
two up ... the secretariat report is (and should be) definitive, and I'm 
told that even in discrepancies between ISO and the SC34 Secretariat Report 
that SC34 is to be considered correct (they are, after all, supposed to 
reflect what we are doing (so I'm told!)).

> >From JTC 1/N7367 it seems that the correct request has
>been made to JTC1 (i.e. that 18049 be cancelled), so I
>hope it is just an error in Ken's local database.

Again, the database is fine (18048 status 20.20, 18049 status 30.98), what 
goes wrong is when I'm typing and *not* using the XML as a basis.

The document 485r1.htm has been uploaded to the web site with the repaired 
typed text.  I haven't changed the database as reflected in the secretariat 

>| 3. Concerning "19756 - TM Constraint Language"
>| It is described as "automatic 2-year cancellation"  in N485.
>| I think it is problem and we have to prevent the cancellation.
>| What kind of procedure can we take to prevent it?
>I don't know. Ken? Is this just a note to make us aware
>that we are in danger of cancellation?

We can easily revive it through demonstrated activity and stage progression 
in SC resolutions from WG recommendations, or (if necessary) a 
reinstatement ballot that I'll have to go through but hopefully that won't 
be necessary.  It appears the ISO has, indeed, cancelled the projects 
through a TMB resolution, but the preamble to the cancellation notices 
indicates the process we need to go through for reinstatement.

>We have produced
>several documents as part of this project, including a
>working draft (N408), so there should be no danger of

I agree, but what I'm learning is that ISO doesn't appear to check our 
document production, they appear to *only* check our resolutions.

So, I've copied Martin on this for WG1 awareness as well, I'm proposing 
that each WG at each meeting include in their recommendations a list of 
*all* their projects as listed in the Secretariat's Report and each 
project's new status.  That will give me the information I need to update 
the Secretariat's Report accurately, and it will be visible in SC34 
Resolutions for ISO to update their status.

An excerpt of the email accompanying the lists of cancelled projects is below.

So, the process for reinstatement is going to take some effort, but it is 
well-defined.  I'm going to question them on the 3-month time limits since 
the committee only meets every 6 months.

I'm going to take the text below and make a committee document out of it 
for all to see.


........................... Ken

Committee secretariats are responsible for the management of all projects 
(work items) within their work programme, including the monitoring of 
progress against the agreed target dates, as per clause 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 of 
the ISO/IEC Directives Part 1 (4th edition, 2001).

In order to ensure that the market relevance of ongoing work is 
reconfirmed, the TMB has decided that projects which have not progressed 
for two years, or which have not reached publication stage after five 
years, shall be automatically cancelled.

The monthly generated files listed below identify and list projects that 
have either been cancelled or that risk cancellation as per TMB Resolution 

The work items in list 1. reflect the work items which have been 
automatically cancelled by ISO/CS in the last month.

To be reinstated , any work item on this list shall:

    *  demonstrate stage progression within the 3 months following its 
cancellation; or
    *  be submitted to ISO/CS for progression to DIS or FDIS stage within 
the 3 months following its cancellation; or
    *  be the subject of a committee resolution justifying market 
relevance, continued P-member participation and revised target dates; or
    *  be submitted by the secretariat of the committee concerned, to a 
3-month reinstatement ballot among P-members of the committee, applying the 
same criteria for justification and approval as for a new work item 
proposal (NP) as per ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, 2001, 2.3.

The work items in list 2. risk automatic cancellation if they do not show 
stage change within the next 12 months (2-year rule).

The work items in list 3. risk automatic cancellation if they do not reach 
publication stage within the next 12 months (5-year rule).

List 4. is a year-to-date cumulative list of all work items cancelled by 
ISO/CS in the current year.


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