[sc34wg3] Subject Schizophrenia

Martin Bryan sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:38:02 +0100

As an aside in his last message Steve Newcombe commented:

> (But *having*
>     such spurious non-relationships between two or more proxies for
>     the same subject is whole lot better than *not* having them.  The
>     latter case, where there are multiple unconnected proxies for the
>     same subject, is analogous to "subject schizophrenia", because
>     that single subject appears to have different personalities,
>     depending on which of its proxies you happen to be using as its
>     proxy.)

The purpose of facets in 13250 was, in my opinion, to encourage subject
schizophrenia. At certain points of time you are only interested in a
certain subset of the associations between subjects - otherwise your map
becomes too cluttered. I want a way of saying "show me the subset of
associations which conform to this facet of the world view". If
proxification is used in place of representation as the process controlling
bernersleeification , can I still do this?