[sc34wg3] Heads up! SC36 Liaison coming

Lars Marius Garshol sc34wg3@isotopicmaps.org
05 Sep 2003 17:57:19 +0200

* James David Mason
| I just had a conversation with Frank Farrance, Chairman of
| JTC1/SC36, which deals with applications of IT to education and
| training.. He's wildly enthusiastic about Topc Maps and wants to
| promote their use in the SC36 context; he wants to establish better
| liaison.

This was very interesting. I'm right now in Vester=E5len in northern
Norway where I've attended a seminar on topic maps in e-learning, and
key players in this area in Norway are now very excited about. Among
them are people in the ministry of education and the lead person
behind a governmental project for standards in e-learning, and that
guy is one of the Norwegian representatives to SC36...
| He plans to discuss this at the next SC36 meeting, at a conference
| in Korea, and at JTC1 (which meets in Singapore in November: anyone
| want to go?).

Uh, well...
| Some of the things he's interested in sound very much like asking
| for the RM in UML notation. Any takers?

Sounds like we should convince him that what he wants is topic maps,
and not some new thing. Also, I think people will want things like LOM
(IEEE standard for learning object metadata, currently with no data
model or interchange syntax) as a set of PSIs. I suggested the latter
at the seminar here, and there was interest in the idea.

In any case, it does sound like there are several things here worth
following up, and it definitely does sound like we need to have a
serious chat with the SC36 people.

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